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401 E. University Ave.
Gainesville, Florida 32601




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Associates support the ACLD Foundation in a very special way.

Associates Membership gives you the opportunity to learn firsthand about the Foundation and how it benefits your library. Membership dues for individual Associates are $50 annually. Dues for Household Associates are $75 annually. Dues for Business Associates are $150 annually.

As an Associate you are supporting:

the operational budget for the Foundation

the Library Endowment Fund

As an Associate you are invited to attend the Foundation Annual Meeting and Dinner to:

review the annual report

review the annual budget, and

elect the Foundation's Directors and Officers

As an Associate,  you are eligible for nomination as a Foundation Director.  Directors are selected from the group of Foundation Associates. Your special skills may be recognized as valuable to the Foundation Board of Directors.


2015-2016 Foundation Associates

*  Associate and Member of the Board of Directors
* Eve Ackerman
* Mitzi Austin & Wayne Smith
David & * Joanne B. Auth
Rod & Beverly Bartlett
Joan Bearden
Jim & Betsy Berry
Steven & Melanie Brandt
Mary Britt
Leveda Brown
Ann Bryan
* Bill & Celia Burger
* Donald & * Cecilia Caton
David & Jean Chalmers
Charna Cohn
Mary Margaret Conway
Elizabeth, Charlie
      & Robert Covell
* Hunt & * Jeanne Davis
Sheila Dickison
Paul & Polly Doughty
Richard & Masuma Downie
Tom Doyle
      & Carol Pascucci
Mary Lou Eitzman
* Vivian Filer
* Patsy Frenchman
Marion H. Freurrd
* Justine Vaughen Fry
Brian Gendreau
Harvey Goldstein
Mary Ann Green
Marilyn Hairston
Phil & * Anne Haisley
Paul & * Doris Hargrove
Scherwin &
      Charmaine Henry
Barbara Herbstman
James & Carol Higman
Sol & Beverly Hirsch
Bob & * Lynne Holt
Julia A. Howell
      & Haydee M. Jordan
Bill & Liz Jones
Ray Jones
* Dr. Pushpa Kalra
Kurt & Beth Kent
Jerry & Kathy Kidder
Ray W. King
Michael & Agnes Leslie
Lawrence & Mae Clark Lokken
* Maggie MacDonald
Dr. Elizabeth B. Mann
Ted & Hallie McFetridge
Susan Nugent
Betty Odum
Bruce & Barbara Ornstein
* Tish Ostlund
Marguerite B. Pettway
Lee L. Pinkoson
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rand
* Jon & Julia Reiskind
Elisabeth Renner
David & Regina Richardson
* Tom Rider
Paul & Susan Robell
* Howard Rosenblatt
Arthur & * Barbara Scott
Jack & Laura Shaw
Joan M. Suchorski
John & Prue Tucker
Florence Turcotte
      & Helen Warren
Margaret Wagener
Carl & Brenda Kay Walls
* Mary White
Jack & Ann Williams
* William C. & Carole Zegel

Click on the following link for a printable Membership Application Form
which you use to become an Associate Member.

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