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Special events heighten community awareness of the Foundation and its purpose and goals. The Foundation holds its own events and sometimes participates in other community events.


Outgoing Chair Pushpa Kalra welcomed approximately sixty Foundation associates, members of the Board of Directors, and friends to the Foundation's Annual Meeting, held at the Headquarters Library on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

Dr. Kevin McCarthy, prolific author, retired UF English professor, and man of numerous other descriptors of his highly varied life experiences, explored the topic "Dirty Words and Banned Books" as guest speaker. The table decorations were library books from the District's display of items which had been highly controversial -- or still are.

ACLD Director Shaney Livingston provided her annual overview of District accomplishments over the past year, as well as plans for the future. She also thanked the Foundation for its continued support via contributions to Snuggle Up centers and Teen areas at branch libraries. Following a report by outgoing treasurer, Mitzi Austin, who was thanked for her years of service to the organization, the membership approved the 2017-2018 budget proposal. Barbara Scott led the election of Officers and new Board of Directors members, which resulted in the unanimous acceptance of those nominated.

Returning Board members up for renewal: Mitzi Austin; Cecilia A. Caton; Hunt Davis, Jr.; Patsy Frenchman; and Doris Hargrave. New Board of Directors Members: Brian Gendreau and Marilyn Tubb. Officers who will be serving from October 1, 2017-Septembr 30, 2019: Bill Burger, Chair; and Brian Gendreau, Treasurer. Officers serving from October 1, 2017-September 30, 2018: Jon Reiskind, Vice Chair; and Maggie MacDonald, Secretary.



2017 Annual Katherine’s Tree Award Ceremony

On Sunday, March 13, the Foundation held its fourth annual ceremony to recognize the previous year’s Katherine’s Tree leaf recipients. Melanie Langsdale Aultman, senior library specialist, Waldo Branch Library, was the 2016 recipient of the annual Guy Hudspeth Award, joining the nine previous award winners: Guy Hudspeth (2007), for whom the award is named, Memree Stuart (2008), Martha Roberts (2009), Phillis Filer (2010), Ike Welch (2011), Darba Owens-Simmons (2012), Bruce Stewart (2013), Anita Jenkins-McCarter (2014), and Kathi Harris (2015).
Two other leaves honored the exceptional volunteer work of Sandy Mann and Sue Roland for the Friends of the Library.
Also honored with leaves placed on the Tree were Foundation Board Vice Chair William Burger and his wife Celia, Board member Donald Caton, and Foundation associates Brian and Linda Gendreau. Eileen McCarty Smith gave a leaf in honor of her grandson Connor Brendan McCarthy, and Ida Little gave a leaf in honor of Sagan and Tycho Williams, “two little boys we have come to love.” Joy and Michael Avery gave a leaf in honor of Joy’s mother, Lydia Vanoli Aggio.
Each leaf on the tree represents a gift of $2,000 to the Alachua County Library District Foundation to help advance its support of the Library.

Non-Event Galas

Supporting the ACLD Foundation's "Non-Event Galas" allows us to put all donations toward building our library endowment fund.
2012 -- CHARLES DICKENS' 200th Birthday -- "Noted author Charles Dickens is the featured Guest ... However, for reasons beyond the Foundation’s control, Mr. Dickens will not be appearing live and in person for the 2012 Gala.  But the ACLD Foundation won’t let that stop them!  In honor of Mr. Dickens' 200th Birthday, the ACLD Foundation is celebrating with a 'non-event' ... Donors will be asked to think back to the first Dickens story they experienced:  A Tale of Two CitiesGreat ExpectationsA Christmas CarolOliver Twist?  Perhaps it was a copy checked out from a public library, lovingly worn and handled by countless readers ..."
2013 -- JANE AUSTEN -- Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice -- "If the author could join us for our Gala there would be rout cakes and gingerbread, bread and butter and jam tarts ... Alas, Miss Austen cannot join us at our Gala in person, but you can brew yourself a cup of fine tea and relax in the comfort of your own home with a good book.  We know you would fit in with our non-event because as Jane said, 'My idea of good company is the company of clever well-informed people who have a good deal of conversation.'"
2014 -- PATRICK O'BRIAN'S 100th Birthday -- "You will be piped aboard our (non-existent) frigate, the Foundation, where, if this were a real event, you would have an evening of merriment featuring:
  • Sailors singing 'Sally in our Alley,' 'Nancy Dawson,' and 'Spanish Ladies'
  • Demonstrations of gunnery
  • Musical entertainment during supper to include performances Mozart’s Oboe Quartet in F Major
  • And, circumstances permitting, a trepanning performed by the noted physician, Dr. Maturin"